Grade 5 - Early Civilizations

Lesson Plans
Below are lesson plans for this unit, resources for these lesson plans can be found on the Resources page.  Please note: these lesson plans are not mine, links for the websites where I found them can be found on the Works Cited page.

Also, note that in lessons there is mention of Museum Groups as well as Learning Logs.  Museum Groups refer to the student groups - students will have the same throughout the entire unit, as they will be researching their findings on a specific civilization and then presenting their findings  at the end of the unit.  Learning Logs are where students keep all the information and work they have done on their civilization (generally a duotang).


Lesson One - Introduction

Lesson Two - Who are We?

Lesson Three - Observing a Civilization in Action

Lesson Four - Mythology

Lesson Five - Artists in Ancient Times

Lesson Six - Mapping

Lesson Seven - Environment and Daily Life

Lesson Eight - Enivronmental Impact Seminars

Lesson Nine - Resource Search

Lesson Ten - Governments, Economies & Hierarchies

Lesson Eleven - Technology Through Time

Lesson Twelve - Create an Artifact

Lesson Thirteen - Getting Organized

Lesson Fourteen - Putting it All Together

Lesson Fifteen - Museum of Ancient Civilizations Celebration